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AE86 Register

Welcome to the AE86 Register. This has been put in place to help keep track of the dwindling AE86 population in Australia and around the world.

We have tried to put the listings in order using build dates and VIN numbers, though some don't seem to match up. This may be a case of inaccurate details, or perhaps that's just the way they were?


# Name Built Area Orig.Col. Colour Engine VIN History / Other
030 Justin Ferguson 05/1983 Sydney Red (3D7) Red 4AGE 20v AE860000453 Trueno front end
009 Nathan Clapham 05/1983 Sydney Silver Pearl Silver 4AGZE AE860000683 TRD LSD, W58
013 Dale Compton 05/1983 Adelaide Red Red 4AGZE - Scorpion LSD
002 Glenn Gillis 06/1983 Gold Coast Gold Gold 4AGE AE860002266 Converted to Levin spec
035 Matthew 05/1983 Brisbane Red White 4AGE AE860002323 -
027 Dodgy Haro 05/1983 Brisbane Gold Gold 4AC AE860002501 Soon to be 4AGE
033 Leslie Proctor 05/1983 Perth White White 4AC AE860002839 -
001 Shane Moore 07/1983 Brisbane White Maroon 4AGE AE860005468 JDM Levin GTV import
005 Ian 06/1983 Toowoomba White White 4AGE AE860005541 JDM Levin GTV import
036 Ashley Milton 06/1983 Byron Bay Blue Blue 4AGE - -
008 Fang 07/1983 Perth Light Blue Light Blue 4AGE AE860005869 Converted to Levin spec
007 Rob Bishop 08/1983 Newcastle Blue Blue 4AC AE860007342 Soon to be 4AGZE
004 Michael Eamer 07/1983 Perth White Yellow 4AGZE AE860007699 -
029 Geoff McBride ??/1983 Brisbane Gold Gold 4AC AE860007738 Scrapped due to rust
006 Mark McCoy 08/1983 Melbourne White White 4AGE AE860007839 -
024 Matthew Kayess 10/1983 Sydney Original Original 4AGE AE860017002 Quad throttles, LSD, etc
016 Noel Dodds 10/1983 Sydney - - 4AGE AE860018149 Has since been sold
020 Grant Williams 10/1983 - Light blue Light blue 4AC AE860021517 -
024 Brad Clegg 10/1983 Sydney Bronze Bronze 4AGE AE860021709 Levin conversion
022 Nhuan 10/1983 Perth Light blue Black SR20DET AE860025125 -
028 Linda Whyte ??/1983 Brisbane White White 4AC AE860027037 Scapped due to accident
021 Steve ??/1983 Newcastle Light blue Light blue 4AC - Soon to be 4AGE
040 James Christie ??/1983 Bowral Light blue Light blue 4AC - -
015 H. Li ??/1984 Sydney - - 4AC AE860063530 -
023 Adrian Peters 08/1984 Brisbane Dark blue (8A9) Dark blue 4AC AE860093573 Soon to be 4AGZE
003 Matthew Robison 09/1984 Sydney Blue Blue 4AC AE860100688 -
018 Daniel John 10/1984 Brisbane White White 4AGE AE860104302 20v conversion
011 Thomas Ng ??/1984 Melbourne Silver Silver 4AGE - JDM Levin GTV import
017 Linda O'Brien ??/1984 Sydney - - 4AC AE860114986 -
039 Michael Trewin 02/1985 Melbourne White White 4AC AE860134347 Soon to be 4AGTE
041 Will Scott 03/1985 South Coast Gold (4E1) Gold 4AC AE860145124 Original besides Levin grill
019 Michael Seymour 03/1985 Sydney Gold (4E1) Gold 4AGE AE860146425 Has since been sold
032 Shane Farrow 04/1985 Brisbane Red Red 4AGE AE860153709 Soon to be SR20
014 Tom Philbey 10/1985 Melbourne Dark blue Dark blue 4AC - Orig from NZ as a Levin
031 Richard Corner ??/1985 Sydney Red Red 4AC AE860158713 Soon to be 4AGZE

Other counties

# Name Built Country Area Orig.Col. Colour Engine VIN History / Other
026 Alan Kidd ??/???? New Zealand - Red/Black XR6 Red 4AGE AE865017789 -
010 Tim Harris ??/1984 New Zealand Auckland Red/Black Red/Black 4AGZE AE865038679 JDM Trueno GTV
038 James Moffat ??/1984 New Zealand - - - 4AGTE - 14.2s 400m
042 Pablo Cabrera ??/1986 Bolivia Santa Cruz de la Sierra Silver Silver 4AGE - Standard GTS
012 Han Wee Yiau ??/1986 Brunei Seria White Yellow 4AGTE - -
037 Domingo Favis 03/1986 USA Tucson Red/Black Red/Black 4AGE JT2AE88CXG0220624 GTS
025 Jon Tiktin 12/1987 Scotland Aberdeen Silver Titanium 4AGE JT1COAE8600268996 -
034 Garrett Gustkey ??/1987 USA Colorado Springs Black Black 4AGE JT2AE88S5HO285972 GTS spec

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